Enabling young people to take climate education into their own hands.

In the UK, climate change is not a mandatory part of the curriculum for students. As young people, climate change is something we’re seeing happen today that will only get worse throughout our lifetimes. If we want to have the skills and knowledge to tackle it, we need to act now!

We’re looking to have climate change put into the curriculum across all subjects, showing students the different ways it will impact them and that the different ways they can make a difference, whatever their interests are.  

To do this, Teach the Teacher trains groups of young people in schools to give their teachers lessons on climate change and what it’s like being a young person during the climate emergency. These lessons give students the skills to talk about climate and advocate for themselves, and shows teachers how they can take action in their teaching too. After the lessons, we’ve got a range of resources to support teachers in making that positive change.

If you’re a student interested in bringing Teach the Teacher to your school, register your interest with us now and we’ll be in touch to work set everything up.

If you’re the parent or guardian of a student and you’re interested in this opportunity, you can support your student to take part or use our resources to promote Teach the Teacher to their school. And if you’re a teacher, please feel free to promote Teach the Teacher to students you think would benefit from taking part, and check out our resources page for the rest.

For any questions or more information, please email hello@teachtheteacher.uk.

Our team

Ailís Keyes
Teach the Teacher Coordinator
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Teach the Teacher Coordinator
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Teach the Teacher Coordinator
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Teach the Teacher Coordinator
Sachin Bhopal-Myers
Teach the Teacher Coordinator
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Project Manager
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Senior Project Manager