Teach the Teacher at Lesmahagow High School

December 4, 2023

Hello, we are Myla and Liv, and we attend Lesmahagow High School in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. We completed our Teach the Teacher session on the 13th of November 2023, delivering to 30 of our teachers. We first heard about Teach the Teacher atone of our monthly Climate Change Youth Forum meetings, which is organised by our local council. We immediately jumped at the opportunity!


Teach the Teacher really stuck out to us as we wanted students' voices to be heard in and out of the classroom. We thought our teachers didn’t feel confident talking about climate change, and we wanted to change that, and by the end of the session, we felt the impact it had made. In order to complete the teach the teacher session, a lot of preparation was needed!  So, we did our research, across a few weeks. After that we started to rehearse our session, which surprisingly came naturally to us. After all our hard work and preparation, along with some fun practice sessions, we were ready to present to our teachers.

Before our session we were nervous. Once we started it however, we quickly realised how enthusiastic our teachers were about learning more on climate education and sharing the information they already knew. After our Teach the Teacher session had finished, we felt that we had made our teachers more confident when discussing the climate. 

During preparation for the session, and the session itself, we found that Teach the Teacher was a very creative way to express how we felt about climate education. This is obviously very important to us, and we hope our peers find it just as important as we do. Our teachers seemed to enjoy it as well, as they were engaging with us and chatting the whole time! We feel that our teachers learned a lot from us, even the geographers! It was a lot of fun watching our teachers try and figure out the answers to our tricky quiz questions. We even surprised our science and geography teachers when it came to coral reefs and population statistics!

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope we have made an impact on the teachers about climate education, as it means so much to us. We think our teachers are more comfortable by talking and spreading positive climate stories and will do so in future lessons.

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