Lanark Grammar Students Set to Teach ALL of their Teachers

November 2, 2023

On September 6th we were excited to virtually attend a meeting with students and teachers from secondary schools across South Lanarkshire in Scotland. Organised by South Lanarkshire council, Niamh and Jack spoke to everyone about climate education and introduced the Teach the Teacher campaign. It was amazing to meet so many people all at once, and to get such enthusiasm from the students present in suggesting ideas of how their teachers could link climate change into their lessons.

Following this meeting, Sophie Dobb and Abigail Barrett from Lanark Grammar School started working with their Geography teacher, Mr. Smith, to bring a Teach the Teacher session to their school. The pair began rehearsing their session - which looks at climate basics, climate justice, climate anxiety, and climate education - while their teacher found a date and invited other teachers to come and take part.

On October 25th Sophie and Abigail delivered their Teach the Teacher session to 12 of their teachers in school! Their hard work didn't go unnoticed, as many of the teachers went on to make a climate education pledge following their session to say they'll take what they learned and try to incorporate climate into their teaching from now on. And their headteacher, who was also in the audience, was so impressed that they're now hoping they'll be able to deliver the session again, but this time to ALL of the teachers in their school!

We're so happy to see students taking climate education into their own hands and making such a positive impact in their school; well done!

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